Sabrina Brodofski’s Gastric Bypass Journey


From gastric bypass surgery to regaining 40 pounds and losing it again, for Sabrina Brodofski, the biggest shift has been in her emotional journey

Sabrina Brodofski, gastric bypass

Although her physical appearance has changed the past few years, it’s the changes inside that are more significant for Sabrina Brodofski. The 40-year-old Brockville, Ont., resident currently weighs 130 pounds and is at 25.1 percent body fat, but it’s taken three years to get to this point.

Gastric Bypass, Not the Easy Way Out

“I tried all the diets that are out there, weight loss pills, starvation and I struggled to lose the weight, especially after having two kids,” says Sabrina. Then she had gastric bypass surgery to help her lose some of the weight. She’s quick to point out that the surgery did help her lose all of the weight. “Having the surgery showed me what proper portion sizes are and that I have to avoid high sugar and high fat foods. While some think it’s the easy way out, it’s not,” she says.

She will now have to take supplements for the rest of her life and there are foods she has to avoid as they will make her ill for hours. “The surgery is a tool and if it’s not used properly, it won’t work,” says Sabrina. In fact, she confesses that she regained 40 pounds after her surgery because she didn’t change her eating habits. “I had to work twice as hard to lose it again through proper nutritional advice from my doctor and coach,” she says.

Besides her doctor and coaches, Sabrina is quick to acknowledge the support she gets from her family. “My loving husband just wants me to be happy–regardless of my size, weight or fitness level, and my kids–they’re always looking for gyms for me to go work out at; they are five and eight and don’t understand how things work,” she says.

This is on top of the help she gets from her coaches and doctor. Her coaches Julie and Dave Avery provide her with workout routines and mindfulness coaching and Dr. George Tardik helps her with the nutritional component with regards to the fitness competitions world. “It requires a completely different way of eating and nutritional requirements,” says Sabrina.

Journey to Fitness Competitions

It was just this year that she got into competing. “My goal was to compete at the competition in the fall of 2023, in Hamilton,” she says, adding that she did not expect to place. “I just wanted to push myself to be the best that I could be and get out of my comfort zone and step onto a stage in a bikini,” she says. Sabrina ended up placing first, though, in the transformation category, and she went onto the World Championships two weeks later where she placed second in the transformation category.

While placing twice was unexpected and thrilling, it hasn’t been without some struggles. With her boys having special needs, Sabrina has found herself unable to find time to go to the gym or stick to her nutritional plan. She also got sick and lived off crackers and dry toast for a while. But she didn’t let it drag herself down. “I just tried to remind myself that I have come so far and to stop focusing on how much farther I need to go and to celebrate my journey,” she says.

Nutritional Reeducation and Support

Much of her success always comes back to diet. She’s had phases where she was eating what she felt was sensible and training regularly at the gym and saw no results.

But when she started working with Dr. George Tardik that she learned how to fuel her body well. Paired with exercise programs developed by her coach Dave Avery, she developed muscle and slimmed down. “I learned my lesson–surround yourself with knowledgeable specialists and experts,” says Sabrina.

Embracing the Emotional Journey

And while outwardly her appearance has changed, for Sabrina the biggest transformation has been at an emotional level. “My self-confidence increased. I am a lot more secure in wearing ‘fashionable’ clothes that I would not have tried before. I am learning all about myself and exactly what I am capable of,” says Sabrina.

It’s been through help from her coach Julie Avery that she’s learned to reframe her statements to be more empowering and positive. “Julie also guides me through mindfulness as I used to be exceptionally good at negative self-talk,” she says. Admittedly, it’s been a struggle to change, she confesses, but she recognizes she’s fortunate in having the ability to reflect and make those changes.

The physical improvements haven’t gone unappreciated, though. “I was finally able to keep up with my boys and their adventures without getting winded and needing a break every five minutes,” she says. A magical, impactful moment that sticks out in her mind?  “When I was at the gym and was able to survive on the Stairmaster for just shy of 40 minutes straight, seeing muscles move and twitch that I didn’t know existed, that was impactful.”

Continuous Progress and Future Goals

While she may have lost the 40 pounds she regained, Sabrina sees herself as a work in progress. “My journey is far from over! I took a two-week break from the gym and my nutrition program to be with family; I enjoyed lots of chocolate, breads and pastas, but now I am ready to see just how much farther I can morph and push my body,” she says.

And when it comes down to it, Sabrina believes that everything happens at the right time.
“And this is my time,” she says.

Sabrina’s Faves

Fave healthy snack Limitless Protein in Choco-ferrerolicious mixed with plain Greek yoghurt. “It tastes like a guilt-free, high protein pudding!”

Fave splurge food Popcorn

Simple, go-to recipe Protein powder and oatmeal, fruit and yoghurt or BBQing anything

Fave form of cardio Elliptical or stairmaster

Fitness idols “My coach Dave Avery and I enjoy Stephanie Sanzo on Instagram.”

Fave mantra “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming,” from Finding Nemo


Photos By @chrisvlinton

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