Kyanne Mills, from Tragedy to Triumph


Kyanne Mills, Turning Tragedy into Triumph

Kyanne Mills, tragedy, triumphGoing from the sunny tropical island of Jamaica to the chilly winters of Brampton, Ontario, can be a big shock. But for Kyanne Mills, a 45-year-old fitness competitor with a big heart and a bigger smile, life had many bigger shocks waiting in the wings, all of which she met with a positive mindset and the want to succeed.

Overcoming Obstacles

An active person throughout her twenties, Kyanne was dealt a blow, figuratively and literally, when she was the victim of a car accident that left her, as she describes, “in a dark place.” After gaining a few dozen pounds, her affinity for exercise was sparked when she met the person who got her back into fitness during her recovery. It was, to say the least, transformative.

“My passion for living was reignited,” she enthuses. As her fitness journey progressed, she moved from gym to gym, finding communities of like-minded people who shared her thirst for sweat.

Initially starting at Hourglass Fitness, known for its female-empowerment philosophy and focus on healthy living, Kyanne eventually craved a bigger challenge, which she found in 2018 at The Fitness Centre Gym.

“I wanted something that challenged me and took my fitness to the next level,” she says. The location was filled with natural bodybuilders, all working to be their strongest and most defined without the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Soon, she was hooked, training with Mike Jackson to help her achieve her peak physique, though for the past three years, she has worked with Kennie Stinchcombe – and she hasn’t looked back.

Goodbye, 2023

However, 2023 brought with it much personal heartache, all of which would have derailed a less ambitious or goal-oriented person. “This past year has been the most challenging, filled with setbacks,” Kyanne admits.

Kyanne recently experienced a double-whammy of tragedy when in March 2023 her father passed away, followed shortly by her mother being diagnosed with dementia. Stepping up to become her mom’s main caregiver was an easy decision, but not one without its sacrifices, including changing her approach to off-season training.

“I knew that I needed to compete at [the 2023] UFE World Championship to defend my title, and I was going to do whatever it took to be ready,” she recalls. (Kyanne was the 2022 PRO Wellness champion.) “I trained at odd hours and had a lot of late nights at the gym, all in an effort to make sure I didn’t give up my dream.”

All the work paid off, and in November 2023, Kyanne took home the Wellness crown for the second year in a row. And she’s more than ready, physically and mentally, to defend her placement at the 2024 edition of the UFE World Championship.

The Future is Friendly

Looking ahead, Kyanne feels like there is nothing she can’t achieve with the right attitude and a plan in hand.

“My journey is ongoing, as I’m still a work in progress,” she says. “I’m currently in my offseason, so the goal is to build muscle in preparation for next year, in an effort to defend my title for a third time.”

With the support of her family and friends – her sister actually took Kyanne’s transformation as inspiration to embark upon her own – Kyanne is poised for success, no matter what life throws at her. Though her dedication to her health and fitness regimen is motivating to witness all by itself, it’s her emotional fortitude that really makes Kyanne someone to look up to.

And regrets? Kyanne can say she is fortunate enough to have none.

“As challenging as my journey has been, I wouldn’t change anything,” she says. “It has made me the person I am today.”

Kyanne Mills Faves

Healthy snack: Grenade Bars – salted caramel flavour

Splurge food: Pizza

Go-to easy recipe: Overnight oats

Cardio: Stairmaster

Fitness idols: Kennie Stinchcombe and Mike Jackson

Mantra: “This is what you came here to do, so get after it.”

What she eats in a typical day:

Breakfast: Egg white omelette with asparagus and a small avocado

Lunch: Chicken breast, sweet potatoes and veggies

Dinner: White fish or salmon with a mixed salad

Snack: Protein shake

Photos by @ChrisVLinton

rachel debling

By : Rachel Debling

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