In the Zone with Gina Arvanitis

Gina Arvanitis, 49, refers to herself as fitness-crazed and she wouldn’t have it any other way because she’s in the zone.

The zone, Gina Arvanitis

The moment Gina Arvanitis got hooked on fitness? She was 15 and had met a young female bodybuilder at the gym. “I fell in love with her fit body! I told myself one day I would be just like her!” And she followed through.

Now a school teacher for the past 26 years, Gina also trains clients at the gym and it’s at both of these jobs that her passion truly is on fire. That passion along with a steadfast determination and patience (“I’m extremely patient with my students and my three children”) is what she would say defines who she is as a person. The support of her kids, in fact, along with encouragement from her parents, has helped lift her up to where she is today. “My kids keep me on track in every way, especially when I’m about to cheat and it’s not my cheat meal! They say, ‘Mom! What are you doing?’”

And she’s always been able to count on her parents backing her too. Her dad has always been athletic himself as a veteran soccer ref, while her mom shows her support by preparing food for Gina according to her diet. “She is the sweetest,” she says.

For Gina, success is when you do what you love and when you inspire and motivate others to do what they love as well. “Sharing your knowledge and passion for something that drives you is so rewarding and for me, this brings me to a satisfying level of success!” Sounds like as a teacher, trainer, and mom, Gina is exactly where she should be in life.




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