Full Steam Ahead

From Family History to a Healthier Future

A family history of diabetes motivated Natasha NaShea, 44, to work towards getting healthy at “attack speed.”

At 33, Natasha NaShea, found herself at 143 pounds and 30 percent body fat. It hit the Scottsdale, AZ, resident that she needed to make changes if she wanted to live a long life. Through self-determination, she adapted her lifestyle habits so she could minimize the risks of developing diabetes (a disease that many of her family members suffer from) and hypothyroidism. “And quite frankly, when I would sweat it would smell horrible, which made me realize that I needed to detox and heal my body from the inside out,” she shares.

Tracking and Intense Exercise

She kickstarted a program and focused intently on macro tracking, drinking 150 ounces of water every day, and exercising six days a week. To help keep her motivated, Natasha set a few running goals along the way. “I trained for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon, and I wanted to run the mountainous trails of Arizona without being intimidated or easily fatigued.” She also toyed with the idea of joining a bikini competition.

A Stronger, Healthier Physique

The hard work paid off. She was so determined that she says she didn’t experience setbacks. “I was focused and passionate about getting healthy and feeling good,” she says. “Once I changed my diet and made a daily commitment to eat based off of my meal plan, my life changed, my mindset changed, my desires changed, and my willingness up-leveled.” Now, she’s a strong 124 pounds and down to 20 percent body fat.

Full Steam AheadSurprisingly, she didn’t even realize she had lost 23 pounds initially. “I had thrown out my scale because I had become too obsessed with the weight,” she says. It was only when she noticed herself in the mirror during a boot camp class. She saw her muscles and her much smaller, noticeably stronger physique. “The element of surprise was amazing!” she says.

Attack Speed and Daily Dedication

Although she’s an emotional eater, Natasha says at the beginning of her journey she focused on her goals at attack speed. “Now, I’m not as focused because I unlocked the key to my weight loss breakthrough, so now it’s a daily dedication to my life commitments.” She recognizes, too, that her journey is not over. “I always want to feel great—mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Each day, I take 15 minutes to stop and consider what will make me one percent better than I was the day before—this will always include my health and wellness journey.”

Daily Decisions and No Excuses

Looking back, she wishes she knew at the beginning that you just need to do what you can for that day because it will always be a daily decision to make the right decision. What worked for her was to remove emotions and focus on the steps required to attain her goals. And she would give the same advice to others looking to get healthy: “Go at it with two things: 100 percent commitment and at attack speed! Do not excuse yourself from accomplishing your goals. If you want it, go get it. Get locked in and make it happen, no matter what.”

5 of Natasha’s Faves

Fave healthy snack: Ithaca lemon and beet hummus with Stacy’s beet chips

Fave splurge food: Doritos

My fave cardio workout is: Rowing machine

Fave fitness personalities: Ally Love from Peloton, Massy Arias, and Jeanette Jenkins

Fave mantra: “The most valuable skill I possess is the skill of directing my brain towards what I want.”—Abraham Hicks

Photos by Deanna S Reid, The Social Photog

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