Busy Bodies

Achieving Fitness Goals for Busy Bodies

Even the busiest people can find time to fit exercise in — it’s a matter of incorporating it into your lifestyle.

busy bodies

busy bodies








busy bodies

We’ve all had those days (or even weeks or months) where our demanding lives seem to leave no room for a workout. You’re being pulled in a million different directions and your stress levels are at a high, so carving out even half an hour for a workout seems impossible.

And the unfortunate reality is that some people simply don’t work out because they don’t have two hours to get to the gym, work out, shower, and commute to or home from the office. But including some physical activity each day of the week doesn’t have to mean a 50-minute Spin class or your favourite 90-minute yoga class. The great thing is that broadening how you view fitness and including it in your on-the-go lifestyle can open up a whole new world. You’ll get your sweat on, feel better about how active you’re managing to be even during this busy period, and you’ll likely benefit from better sleep and increased energy in the process, meaning you’ll be empowered to tackle all of the things life is throwing at you.


Walking is quite possibly the simplest way you can make sure you’re keeping your body moving when you have little time. While you might not be able to include a long walk after dinner, you can certainly walk to the grocery store instead of driving to pick up the few items you need, which will only translate into a small window carved out of your day. Are you a runner? With public transit so slow during rush hour, consider bringing your running gear to the office and running home instead, if you live within a reasonable distance (that is, one you can comfortably run). Now, instead of the 45 minutes, you’d normally be standing on a crowded subway or bus, for example, you’ve fit in a workout and get home at the same time you usually do. 



busy bodies


When your calendar is full, committing to a Bootcamp or barre class can be difficult. Solo workouts will offer you the most flexibility, and you can make use of the “gym equipment” around you, whether that’s a set of stairs up a hill in your neighbourhood, a park bench, or the slide or monkey bars at the playground. On the way back from the grocery store? Use the groceries themselves as your weights. And, of course, there are tons of exercises where you can use your own body weight, such as planks and push-ups. Get creative and have fun with it; think of it as being your own fitness flash mob, the party of one.



As important as making sure you get your daily dose of fitness is making time to be in the moment as much as possible and tending to your personal well-being. This could be as simple as stopping to smell the fresh flowers at the market, a daily five to 10-minute meditation, or instead of rushing through your shower, taking a bath instead with your favourite bath salts and no distractions (that means no smartphone and no kids interrupting you). The luxury of just being with your own thoughts may rejuvenate you more than you realize.



Model: Robina Walling @robinawalling

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