My Fitness Journey to 40

Janine Holmes, Navigating My Fitness Journey to 40

Janine Holmes, D’FYNE’s resident makeup artist and busy mother of two, dishes on her sweaty adventures through the decades.

This year, I’m turning the big four-oh. The first major birthday of my parents that I remember is when they each turned 40. Back then, they would submit a listing to the local newspapers that would caption, “Lordy Lordy looks who’s 40!” It’s so surreal that I’m now hitting that exact same milestone.

When I’m not chasing after my kids or powdering down the noses of celebs, I am devoted to working out on a regular and yes, I’ve tried most fitness trends and fad diets throughout the years. Incorporating regular physical activity into my hectic schedule allows me to keep up with my lifestyle both physically and mentally. I no longer work out to necessarily look good—although that’s a nice added bonus. It’s more about making me feel my best to take on the demands of both my job and my personal life. Working out is my secret weapon to navigate through my crazy life. 

After I had my second child, I realized that bouncing back was not a reality and that I had to take my workouts to the next level. I joined a local gym in Toronto called BOMB Fitness and entered not one but two of their epic Transformation Challenges. And guess what? I won both of them! I melted off 27 pounds of baby weight. To celebrate my 40th, let me take you through my fitness journey to 40, including all the hits, misses, and fads I’ve tried over the years.My Fitness Journey to 40

80s Fitness Journey to 40


The 80s were more about workout wear than actual aerobics. My first introduction to the world of fitness was sweating up a storm with my mom while we worked out the iconic 20-Minute Workout in our living room.

Thigh Master

My grandma owned this trendy fitness gadget made famous by actress Suzanne Somers. My siblings and I constantly fought over it to see who could squeeze it the hardest with our thighs.My Fitness Journey to 40


Ab Roller

A staple in many homes in the mid-90s. Ab rollers were invented in 1994 and were designed to help people do crunches while having something supporting their head, neck, and upper body. I remember watching episodes of Dawson’s Creek on TV and rolling on this gimmicky equipment to work on my six-pack.

Tae Bo

This full-body cardio workout was a mixture of taekwondo and boxing. The at-home workout was created by martial artist Billy Blanks. I can still hear Billy yelling at me through the TV, “Ok now, double time!” My whole body would feel like jelly after jabbing, upper-cutting, and high-kicking. Such a fun workout though!My Fitness Journey to 40

2000s Fitness Journey to 40

Hot Yoga

I got really into the hot yoga craze in my mid-20s. Hot yoga is typically Bikram poses performed under hot and humid conditions leading to lots of sweating. I loved these classes, but unfortunately, I got a little too ambitious in the eagle pose and dislocated my knee—ouch! After six weeks of extensive physio to repair it, I’ve never had the guts to give it another go.


After my knee accident, my physiotherapist recommended that I stick to exercises that involved riding a bike. Luckily all the rage at the time was spinning classes. My first spin class was tough but it’s one of those things that the more I did it, the more I loved it. The blend of intervals, high intensity, and recovery was exactly what my body needed to strengthen the muscles around my knees.My Fitness Journey to 40

2010-2019 Fitness Journey to 40


Pilates was my exercise of choice throughout most of my 30s and during my two pregnancies. Unfortunately, after having my daughter I was diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder. I was told by my doctor to stay away from Pilates since it involves a lot of bearing down and crunching my abdomen, which can worsen a prolapse. Needless to say, I was very bummed to give up Pilates.


My current obsession is Bootcamp-style workouts. I attend four to five classes a week at a local gym. It’s kind of like a cult (but in a good way). I love that I am able to modify and intensify certain exercises within the full-body circuits. Battle ropes are my absolute favourite—they make me feel badass!




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