Janine Delaney — the “jump rope queen of social media” — shares 5 reasons to consider jumping rope after the age of 40.


Jump rope is one of the most effective overall body workouts for any age level. It provides a great workout, can be done from anywhere, and is a lot of fun. Why is it then that many people rely on more traditional forms of cardio, like running and biking, and often overlook jumping rope as an alternative? The truth is that while it’s often considered a children’s game, skipping serves up a multitude of benefits both physically and mentally, particularly with those over the age of 40. Forget the whimsical “Teddy bear, teddy bear,” skipping games of your childhood. Let’s have a look at what jump rope can do for you:


To size the rope to your height, stand with one foot on the center of the rope and bring the handles across your body to one shoulder. The rope should come directly to your shoulder.


It’s a fantastic fat-burning form of cardio



Did you know jumping rope burns more calories than biking, swimming, and even running? Jumping rope can burn up to 700 calories per hour. As we age, hormonal fluctuations and other factors tend to cause our metabolism to slow down. Jumping rope is a great way to kickstart your digestive system and get your body to burn more calories throughout the course of the day. I believe there is no better way to trim down and get lean.



It improves mental clarity



Because jumping rope requires hand-eye coordination, it puts both sides of your brain to work. This is one of the main reasons jumping rope is so popular with boxers. As we get older, we tend to lose focus and often experience feelings of being overwhelmed. Jumping rope helps to train our brain into focusing on the present and helps us see things more clearly in all aspects of our day-to-day lives.



It improves our mood


One of the best benefits of jumping is its ability to release natural endorphins that allow us to feel our best. The feeling can be similar to what we know as a “runner’s high.” Through the release of these endorphins, our libido often increases, too, which for some people is something they could use a little boost in.




It develops overall body strength



Unlike most forms of cardio, jumping rope not only gets your heart pumping, but it also helps develop muscle strength in your upper body, particularly your shoulders, back, and arms. As we age, we lose muscle. Jumping rope can help restore your muscles with that youthful fullness you’ve been wanting.






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