Getting Fizzy with It

The importance of proper hydration cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to maintaining our overall health and wellness. While water stands as the undefeated champion of hydration, its plainness can often deter some people from reaching for that essential glass of H2O. For those who find the taste of regular water a bit bland, effervescent alternatives can add that refreshing zing to transform the mundane into an exciting hydration experience.

However, you may have found yourself contemplating the difference between club soda, seltzer, and sparkling water on the beverage aisle. Although they share a similar bubbly profile, each one has its unique characteristics that set them apart from the other. Yet, the great news is, despite their subtle differences, all three varieties make excellent choices when it comes to hydration.

Each one boasts a calorie count of zero, making them a guilt-free alternative to sugary sodas and drinks. Moreover, the differences in mineral and sodium content among them are so slight that they won’t significantly impact your health. So, whether you’re a fan of club soda’s slight mineral taste, the purity of seltzer, or the natural essence of sparkling water, each can provide an enticing and refreshing way to ensure you’re well-hydrated throughout the day.

Getting Fizzy with ItCLUB SODA

Artificially carbonated with pressurized carbon dioxide. Typically has a few ingredients, such as sodium chloride, potassium sulphate, or disodium phosphate, added to give it a subtly salty or mineral taste.


Artificially carbonated, however, with no additional mineral ingredients. This makes it taste more like water, making it a good choice for flavoring with cut-up pieces of fruit. Such as lemon, lime, cucumber, or strawberries, for example.


Natural carbonated and mineralized thanks to the bubbles that result from the spring or well it’s drawn from. The taste will vary from brand to brand depending on where it’s sourced.

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