Meditate, Claim Your Power

Give yourself 25 days and you can make life-changing adjustments that those closest to you will be able to see. Meditate on these affirmations each day in your journal so that you are happier, healthier, and closer than ever to your dreams in 2023.












Day 1

The more you work toward your purpose you’ll find that, instead of invisible trauma-induced habits, the better you’ll make every person you touch for the rest of your life.

Day 2

The hardest part of this work is that your body will fight to hide it from you. It’s not conscious decisions you’re making – they are unconscious decisions your body made without your knowledge or awareness.

Day 3

Something will happen in your life that will leave a part of you dead, and you will begin to search for this thing in all things. Friends, lovers, enemies, books, religions, locations – no matter where you look, it will evade you. And you will start to question whether it even exists, and in this darkness, you will find the dim light of your illuminated soul and realize that all the while it was your own love you were looking for.

woman and light houseDay 4

You cannot control the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.

Day 5

As a functional life coach, I can recommend one intention to help you rapidly discover the root cause of why you’re stuck and dissolve it for good. When you do this, anything is possible. Until you discover the root cause that is keeping you stuck, you’ll just keep running in circles. The next level of success comes after the next level of healing.

Day 6

Face the most important question you can ask yourself: What is my life’s purpose? True abundance comes from living your life purpose daily. Your purpose, once you find it, transforms trauma into power and finally sets you free from any person or circumstance that caused you pain.

Day 7

Becoming break-proof is real work and it is hard. But you are here to do the work, or you wouldn’t be here. You have a deep understanding that something great is ready to be brought forward.

Day 8

It’s not easy. You will want to quit, and you will make lots of mistakes. That’s how it goes. It’s messy, it’s scary and you might feel like you deserve it.
But a life without purpose is a shallow life, and that is how most people live today.

Day 9

Your trauma, your past, and your hurt are not what makes you special. It is your ability to discover, and thrive, in spite of all these things.

Day 10

The purpose is an overused word, so much so that it’s almost lost all meaning. The purpose is inside of us. And yet it eludes us. You feel the lack of its presence as a small bit of fear at first. Then the feelings grow to anger, resentment, unworthiness, and exhaustion. Finally, life hits you with a crisis you cannot ignore. What used to work no longer works. What once felt certain feels uncertain. All your power and purpose are gone forever.

Day 11

Recognize that the one thing your problems have in common is you. Vision takes action. We relive our nightmares until we realize we are the dreamers and wake up. In short, we continue to hurt ourselves until we heal ourselves.

Day 12

There is a big difference between “I am my wound” and “I was wounded.” To get out of the victim mindset, you have to say, “I felt like my identity was wounded. I realized that is not totally true. What’s actually true is that I was wounded. I can find a new meaning in the wound, which will set me free. I can live my purpose.”


Deal 13

This is your journey of purpose and journey to self-heal. Your wounds led you to your purpose. Regardless of the hurt you’ve endured, and the negative beliefs you have about yourself, you’ll soon realize that the opposite is true. You are exactly where you need to be to take your next step.

Day 14

Look into the drain of disconnection. Let’s trade the conformable life for the life of purpose.

Day 15

Are you willing to let go of the what-ifs? Are you willing to live your purpose or at least find it on the way?

Day 16

If you are spending time numbing feelings that should be realized, you are keeping yourself stuck.

Day 17

Many of us have purpose-deficit disorder. Of course, negative thinking is bad. But you can change your life based solely on your thinking.

Day 18

Why do we feel dead in certain parts of our life? Because we lack courage in those areas. There are negative emotions you haven’t felt or yet learned from. Let’s focus on why we are dead and discover the areas of your life that are affected.

Day 19

The primary feelings of being dead are powerlessness, contraction, and frustration. When you are afraid to take action because there is an outcome you are afraid of, not taking action produces that outcome you are afraid of. It is time to step into courage and start the process of resurrection.

Day 20

The truth will set you free, but first, it will terrify you. Dead areas of our lives provide the greatest opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. One courageous action in a dead area of your life is more powerful than 1,000 therapy sessions, 100 bottles of green juice, and all the yoga you can twist your body into.

Day 21

No need to worry about changing anything right now – just worry about being alive. What are the dead areas of your life, the areas where you are most frustrated, annoyed, resigned or stuck? List the areas in your journal.

Day 22

Take a moment to reflect on the dead areas in your life above by answering the following:
* What survival patterns have kept you from admitting you were dead in the past?
* When was the first time you can remember feeling dead?
* How has remaining dead in these areas actually benefited your survival?
* Are there any relationships in your life that support your feeling dead in these areas?

Day 23

Sometimes dead areas can feel so familiar, that they feel like home. Time to get back to your purposes. Break open your shell and inch forward, one day at a time.

meditateDay 24

The key is honouring where you are and not beating yourself up. You may start to feel guilt, shame, and self-doubt. But today, just notice the emotions, and at some point, you will feel them. Acknowledge that these emotions exist and are totally normal and natural. You cannot transform yourself when you lie to yourself. You can’t hide from your truth. Today we are just revealing your truth through affirmations that reveal you are capable of reaching your full potential.

Day 25

You want to clearly see the areas of your life where you are dead and to forgive yourself for holding yourself, hostage. Tell yourself and the world, “I am ready to honour myself; show me how to move forward.”

By : Jenn Drummond

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