Adriana Steppe, Nutritionist

Adriana Steppe, From Fitness Enthusiast to Nutritionist

Adriana Steppe knows how to balance mind, body, and soul. She shares how, as a nutritionist, she helps others find their own path.

My name is Adriana Steppe. I’m a nutritionist and I have a spray tanning business. Both empower and make people feel good, which is so rewarding! I’ve always had a passion for learning about health and the body so I thought, why not help others and make it into a career? I’ve been in the fitness industry for about five years now. I have the privilege of guiding people on their journeys and seeing those inspiring transformations. That helps keep me going, as I have ups and downs too.

Getting Started

Jane Fonda first sparked my interest in fitness, which I find pretty funny now. When I was about 15 years old, my dad gave me an old record player. I started working out in my room, and my passion for health began to be an outlet for me. I started to love how I felt after exercising—not just physically, but mentally too. I also loved tennis and swimming. Growing up in South Africa, everyone had pools so it’s something we would do probably nine months out of the year.

My fitness regimen has changed so much since those days! I used to exercise like crazy and under-eat, thinking that’s how you stay lean. But now I’ve learned that in order to be healthy and strong, you need to fuel your body with the right foods and ultimately find what works for you. When you combine working out, nutrition, and taking care of yourself mentally, amazing things start to happen. Nutritionist

The Nutritionist Overcoming Adversity

That’s not to say that my dedication has never wavered. It sure has, and more than once! But once you get a taste of how you should feel while being healthy, it doesn’t take long before you realize it’s time to get back on track and not go buy those bigger jeans.

I was lucky that I had a great support group with the girls at the gym. We all competed together and helped each other stay somewhat sane. Support groups are so important when change is taking place, as it isn’t always easy. There are good days and bad, so having that extra encouragement helps a lot.

One of those bad days happened when I was training for a photo shoot in Vegas for my 40th birthday. About eight weeks before my shoot, my father passed away unexpectedly. I wanted to give up many times after that happened, but looking back now I realize that my training helped me through that time. I felt proud that I kept going and accomplished something. Life has a funny way of making you stronger even in times when you feel weakest. Again, it came down to having that circle of support, which I am so grateful for.

Everything in Moderation

I like to set goals, so my diet and exercise strategy depends on the goal at the time. But generally, I prefer to do everything in moderation and find my healthy balance. When I’m in the mood for a healthy treat, I reach for peanut butter energy balls! Or pretty much anything to do with peanut butter. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and moderation works for me. But if staying on point with your diet makes you happy, then I say go for it! It comes down to doing what works for you! 

It’s important to take care of yourself, and that’s why I try going to hot yoga twice a week. It really helps me ground and reconnect, and the stretching is great too of course. I also enjoy traveling, photography, reading, and anything that helps me just have some time. As a busy mom of four, I sure need it—we all need it! Learning to spend time with yourself is the biggest gift you can give yourself.



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