7 Wellness Tips for Moms

Moms wear a lot of hats and often care of your own wellness gets pushed way low on the priority list. But here are the essential wellness tips for Moms that will help you take care of yourself–along with some strategies to make sure you do

wellness tips for moms

It’s an understatement to say that there are a lot of demands and responsibilities that mothers have to juggle. For many moms, they’re so busy taking care of everyone else that it’s at the expense of their own wellbeing. But taking care of your own health and wellness is how you can be sure you don’t burn out so that you can be at your best when tending to your loved ones who count on you.

It’s understandable how moms can let their own wellbeing fall to the wayside, though. From raising the kids, working, taking care of the family pets, to being there fully in your relationship with not only your partner but also your friends and family and taking care of the household–when all of this falls on your shoulders, something has to get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, and often mothers sacrifice their own wellbeing. But it’s important to nip this in the bud or you’ll risk losing yourself and damaging your physical and mental health along the way. These simple strategies will help get you on track to a healthier approach to your routine as a busy mom.

Get enough sleep.

When your list of tasks and chores seems endless, it’s tempting to stay up late so you can get more done. But when you’re deprived of sleep, you can’t show up and be alert and energized to tackle everything on your plate. Establish some good sleep hygiene habits that will set you up for a great rest each night. For example, schedule your smartphone to go into do not disturb mode at a certain hour. Buy some herbal tea to enjoy as you wind down for the day and make your bedroom a sanctuary you use for sleeping (and not where you send out a few last work emails or watch Netflix on your tablet).

Eat a healthy, balanced diet

Keep your energy levels up by eating a wholesome diet focused on fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins and whole grains. Plan for protein-rich snacks that will satiate and energize you. Limit the comfort foods such as packaged chips and cookies that you know are offering nothing beneficial to your body. Figure out ways that will help you eat well based on your lifestyle–whether that’s meal prepping, ordering meal kits, buying heat-and-serve prepared meals or finding a cookbook or website with balanced recipes that both interest you and can be prepared with the time you have for cooking. Need some recipe inspiration? You can find some ideas here.

Include exercise in your daily routine

While you might not have time to include long workouts at the gym or be able to commit to training for an Ironman, at a minimum, aim for 30 minutes of activity per day. This can include taking a walk with a friend around the neighbourhood or going to spin class during your lunch hour. Sneak in physical activity throughout your day, too–choose to walk to the mall to buy that novel rather than just ordering it online, or commit to taking the stairs in the subway station instead of the escalator.

Schedule self-care time

You’d never skip an appointment in your calendar you’ve got with, say, your doctor, or bail on one of your kid’s games, right? Block off time in your calendar so that you have self-care time on a regular basis that is non-negotiable. Remember, too, that self-care can mean different things to people. It’s all about making time for something that you enjoy that rejuvenates and fulfills you. For some, that might mean taking a bubble bath, but for the next mom, it might be reading a few chapters of a novel or going for a coffee with a friend. It can also include brief breaks such as taking five minutes to meditate as you sit with your morning smoothie. Carve out those moments of me-time where you can.

Make time to socialize

Have friends over so you catch up as adults; you can invite other moms–who else will best understand where you’re coming from–but also make time for your friends who are at different life stages than you so you can talk about things other than kids. Look into book or wine clubs in your neighbourhood. If you can’t figure out when you could make time for a social life, incorporate it with other things in your schedule–plan for playing tennis once a week with your best friend so you get your workout done while also catching up, for example.

Enlist some help

You simply can’t do it all and although moms can find it hard to ask for help, the truth is that there will be times you can’t manage everything that’s being asked of you. Consider whether hiring help, whether that’s a housekeeper or tutor for your kids, makes sense for your schedule and financial situation. If you’re feeling spread too thin driving the kids to all of their activities, ask another parent if you can team up to share the task of getting them to and from rehearsals or practice. Has a green-thumb friend offered to help with your garden?

Take them up on their offer. Also, while you’re learning to ask for help, learn how to say no. You might feel like you have to say yes to whatever’s asked of you (especially if you have a people-pleaser personality), but if you can barely manage handling your workload now, you simply cannot agree to take on more responsibilities. So, decline heading up that new committee at the office and turn down that volunteer position for this season. You’ll feel instantly less stressed once you realize you don’t have to add these roles to your plate.

Develop an attitude of gratitude

It’s easy to get caught up in how busy you are every day. It often seems like everything seems to snowball from the moment you wake up until you crash at night, and then you get up the next day and do it all over again. This makes working on being grateful for the simple things in life so important for moms. Keeping a gratitude journal can encourage you to make time to consider what things you are grateful for and this will change your perspective as you approach each day.

Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be grand things that you’re thankful for–it could be your pet wanting to snuggle with you, your university kid calling you unexpectedly just to say hello, or even just having a warm cup of your favourite tea in the mug you bought on your last vacation. Taking the time to understand the small things you have in your life to be grateful for will help you shift into a positive headspace and, as you practice finding gratitude regularly, it will make you feel more optimistic and uplifted as you take on each day

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