Veggies Three ways

Fresh, frozen, or canned. It can sometimes be a struggle to get your greens (and all the other colours of the veggie rainbow), so when you do, does it make a difference what form your produce is in?


Veggies Three waysIf you’re getting veggies canned, thumbs up for eating your RDA of veggies (adult women need seven to eight servings daily). Canned vegetables are very convenient as you can have them in your pantry with little worry of them spoiling. They are more heavily processed (which can result in them being less nutritious), plus they may have added salt or sugar. Plus, if the can is lined with bisphenol-A (BPA), there is an increased cancer risk associated with this chemical.



Veggies Three waysFrozen vegetables are comparable to fresh in terms of nutrition. They are less processed than canned, although when some produce is blanched prior to freezing, there may be a slight loss of nutrients. The biggest downside to some varieties of frozen veggies is the diminished flavour. And when veggies are less tasty, many of us will simply consume less of them.




Veggies Three waysThe flavour punch, not to mention the texture and crunch, of fresh vegetables, is a big selling point. Add to that the fact that minimal processing means the leafy greens, carrots, and asparagus on your plate boast more vitamins and minerals, and you’ve got yourself a winning combo of peak deliciousness plus maximum nutrition.

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