Sisters Sticking Together

Jane Tolton and Nancy Dickson share their secrets to living a balanced lifestyle, enjoying the little things, and putting family first.

Jane Tolton

A Lifelong Journey

I have been involved in sports and athletics for as long as I can remember, and my three children have continued along that same path. I started playing softball when I was quite young, and I became a pitcher after working with a local pitching coach. I remember feeling like it came easily to me and it felt natural. All three of my children have now played softball at a competitive, national level. I was privileged to participate as a coach for one of them.

I first became serious about my personal fitness when I was in university. It was my way of finding a short escape from the academic demands of my speech pathology program. That focus took a serious hiatus when my husband, Paul, and I started a family.Sisters Sticking Together

Finding Flexibility

I sometimes waver during family holidays or when I’m extremely busy. I’m still figuring out how much leeway to give myself when it comes to diet and exercise. I finished a fitness challenge in May of last year; since then, life has been a bit full and I have been dealing with a minor knee injury. I am still trying to stay on point, but with less rigidity for right now. I don’t like feeling sluggish or “blah,” and that negative feeling seems to be enough motivation at this stage.

My husband and my sister, Nancy, are there to help me when I’m struggling. Paul is always encouraging and he is very proud of what I am able to do; Nancy has a driven and dedicated nature, so her drive helps me to continue each and every day.

Nancy Dickson

A Dedication to Fitness

My parents raised five children on a farm in rural Ontario; my fitness (in addition to daily farm chores) was limited to joining community sports teams, such as hockey and baseball, in my preteen years. I also had influential secondary school physical education teachers and coaches who inspired me to become a physical education teacher myself.

During my 30 years in education, I challenged students to develop a positive work ethic and to accept responsibility for their actions, in the hopes that they would succeed in society. I started focusing on personal fitness training in 2005 when a former student opened her own fitness facility.Sisters Sticking Together

The Important Things in Life

Family is first and foremost for me, even when it comes to fitness; I asked my daughter to participate in my first photoshoot session. Then, to celebrate my sister Jane’s 50th birthday, I asked her to accompany me to my second photoshoot. We continue to work out together weekly.

At age 55, I achieved my best physical physique. It truly is amazing the transformation that can occur to one’s body when fitness and responsible food consumption are combined. However, attaining the muscle definition I wanted required a commitment to a daily regimen that was more challenging than I anticipated. The level of fitness I achieved for my photoshoot is not sustainable if one wants to live a healthy, balanced life.

I have now adopted a weekday adherence to macro-management, enabling me to indulge responsibly on the weekend while maintaining an acceptable weight. On weekends, I watch the sunrise from my dock while enjoying my morning coffee, and I like to end the day with a glass of wine in hand while visiting with family and friends..


Photos by Chris V. Linton Follow (@chrisvlinton)

By : Heather Eason

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