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Serum Bras Light Phones

Embrace a healthier and more active lifestyle with these insightful fitness tips and innovations. From the empowering HER Running Series to the convenience of portable Olay Serum Sticks, we’re here to help you step up your wellness game. Explore expert spring gear shopping advice and discover how the Dyson Lightcycle Morph can transform your space for well-being. Plus, stay on track with accurate location tracking thanks to Google Pixel 4’s latest update. Let’s dive into a world of fitness-enhancing possibilities!

Launched in Calgary and Toronto: HER Running Series, a female-focused running event (choose either the 5k or 15k race distance). The race also includes a week of community fitness events. Think cross-training at local gyms and studios so you can connect with other fit, like-minded people in the days leading up to the race. herrunningseries.comSerum Bras Light Phones

Healthier Skin on the Go

Serums, those highly concentrated skincare saviors that target specific skincare concerns, just got much simpler to use. Olay Serum Sticks deliver the powerful hydrating ingredients you want, not in a precious glass bottle with a dropper, but in a portable stick format so you can treat your skin to vitamin B3 and the amino acids and antioxidants of sake kasu after your shower at the gym with a quick swipe. Bonus: It’s TSA friendly so take it with you in your carry-on for your next fitness retreat.

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Spring Training

In the market for new gear this spring? A D’FYNE fave: Winners. How to score great picks from the name brands they carry? Commit to a regular shopping schedule, much like your fitness routine: “Make sure to check out stores often as we receive daily shipments of new items,” says Lolin Soenardjo, Winner’s spokesperson. “And if you see something you love, grab it. Because it likely won’t be there if you go back looking for it!” Also, since the prices are bank-account friendly, embrace making bolder style choices to experiment with your look.

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Totally lit

Light your space well for your overall well-being. The just-launched Dyson Lightcycle Morph provides four different formats to suit your needs: indirect, task, feature, or ambient light, adjusting its color temperature and brightness so that it delivers what you need for your age, mood, and activity. Its task lighting helps cut down on eye strain, for example, and it also adjusts based on local daylight—in the evening, the Lightcycle Morph delivers reduced blue light to help promote relaxation.


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If you’ve ever had your GPS drop signal as you’re tracking your workout outside (marathon training through the downtown core’s skyscrapers, for example), the Google Pixel 4’s Android update now supports dual-frequency GNSS. Non-techy types: This means it’s like having two GPS connections working in tandem to provide accurate tracking of your location...

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