Seasonal Skincare

Summer Skincare, 5 Ways to Adjust Your Beauty Routine for Healthy, Glowing Skin


Put away your heavy jackets and heavier lotions, it’s time for seasonal skincare. With spring here and summer on its way, now is the right time to lighten up your beauty routine. Here are five ways to readjust your regimen for dewy, smooth summer skin.Seasonal Skincare

Summertime brings a lot of welcome changes in Canada, but the change in season can have some adverse effects on our skin, namely in the form of breakouts, oiliness, and worst of all, sun damage. In order to ensure this season’s transition is a smooth one, we spoke with Toronto-based dermatologist Dr. Renée Beach about how to reassess our routines in the middle of all that heat and humidity.


Don’t be surprised if the skincare regimen that you’ve perfected all winter does more harm than good now. “Dry winter skin is in part due to the lack of humidity in the air, but in the spring and summer there is more of it so the skin can better tolerate outdoor exposure,” explains Beach.

“So while you were used to heavy-duty moisturizers in the winter, lighter formulas like gels or even thermal-mist sprays can be sufficient to hydrate your face in the summer.” In fact, going too heavy with a moisturizer can actually clog pores and lead to skin issues like acne. While you lighten up your moisturizer, it may be beneficial for some to switch out their cleanser too; try changing your oil-based balm to a gentle gel option.


One of the biggest misconceptions this time of year is that you get enough vitamin D from the sun alone. While we certainly get a large dose of it, Beach advises that UV radiation should never be a substitute for the much safer options of dietary or oral vitamin D supplementation. If you aren’t reaping the benefits of topical vitamin C already, this powerful antioxidant is a great addition, especially on dog days.

For one, vitamin C inhibits melanin production which not only lightens dark spots but also prevents new ones from forming and subsiding any hyperpigmentation. Best of all, the potent ingredient works as an undercover agent when paired with vitamin E and under sunscreen by neutralizing oxidants, which are skin-damaging environmental pollutants like UV rays.Seasonal Skincare

3) DON’T SKIMP ON SPF during Seasonal Skincare

While you should wear sunscreen year-round, the stronger rays and longer days in the summer months mean there’s no excuse for a lack of sun protection now. Don’t worry so much about choosing a chemical sunscreen versus a mineral sunblock because most dermatologists will tell you that the best one boils down to whichever you’ll actually wear and properly reapply (FYI: that’s after approximately every two hours of sun exposure).

Beach advises regular use of SPF 60+, in addition to trying to stay out of direct sunlight during peak hours between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Minimizing sun damage is a cumulative and life-long commitment. Even small decisions like opting for the shady seat, wearing a large-brimmed hat, and sun-protective clothing all contribute to healthy skin now, and even healthier skin later.


Oily-skin sufferers likely lament this time of year due to the extra sweat, but regardless of your skin type, allowing perspiration to sit on your skin for too long can lead to everything from minor breakouts to an uncomfortable sweat rash or heat rash. The solution: keep cool and dry with cool compresses, facial mists, and oil-blotting papers. Most importantly, wash your face as soon as possible after any physical activity or after working up a sweat. Beyond the perspiration’s pore-clogging potential, the other maybe not-so-obvious effect is dehydration. So remember to stay hydrated from the inside out too by upping your H2O intake this time of year. Seasonal Skincare


While your favourite powders were too drying in the winter, natural mineral makeup is a good option for those who worry about looking or feeling oily. Alternatively, lean into the laissez-faire with dual-purpose BB creams and lightweight foundations for your day-to-day.

Whatever it is, make sure they’re non-comedogenic and ideally fragrance-free. With sun, sweat, and sand all in play choosing, pore-safe and oil-free versions will help keep any potential irritations at bay. Finally, there’s no need to stress and make any drastic changes or completely overhaul your cosmetic cabinet. “For most people, adjusting your skincare routine for the season only means a change of a single product,” reassures Beach. And if you only have room for one change? The doctor’s unequivocal word on that is more SPF!..



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