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Nipping negative self-talk in the bud

“I can’t.” “This won’t work out for me.” “People always disappoint me.” “I’m fat.” “I won’t get that promotion.” “What if I fail?” “I’m so stupid.” “I’m mad.” “I’m not strong enough.” “I’m broke.” If you think they’re just words, you’re wrong. They are much more than words.
They are your thoughts, and your thoughts’ counterpoints are your emotions. If you continually think you can’t, believe me, you won’t! You’re providing the perfect environment for failure or success with your thought patterns and emotions.
We’ve all found ourselves in moods or stuck in the ruts of negative self-talk. The key is to recognize when you’re in this place and exchange your negative thought with something positive. At times this can be tricky, especially when you are rooted in the emotion or belief that your current situation cannot be changed, giving way to helplessness. These are the times that you must dig deep and find those good-feeling thoughts. Believe that you have the power to create a better situation for yourself, all starting with your mind.
“As you think, so shall you become.” Most of us have heard this famous Bruce Lee quote acknowledging the power of the human mind. But please don’t dismiss this as just a rah-rah feel-good meme or cool line to pump you up in times you’re feeling down. As a society, we are becoming more and more aware of the benefits and disadvantages of the roles our minds play as a creator of our reality. Through recent advances in technology, scientists have developed actual studies and equipment that can measure energies and frequencies emitted based on thought alone. Neuroscience has also proven that our routine thoughts and patterns continuously reinforce and strengthen brain patterns, whether good or bad—hardwiring the circuitry in the mind much like a computer.
Mindfulness is another word floating around a lot lately as well. Mindfulness, simply put, is being aware of your thoughts when you are thinking them. From not only a mood-altering standpoint but also from a physiological standpoint, this is so very vital to our wellbeing, goals, quality of life, and future. Being aware of our thoughts and having the ability to catch when we are thinking things that are not beneficial to us will over time rewire our brain patterns into a more positive way of thinking.
“I can.” “I will.” “I am surrounded by positive, supportive people.” “I love myself.” “I am worthy.” “I’m proud of myself.” “I’m joyful.” “I’m strong.” “I’m abundant.”
The best way to predict our future is to create it. After all, if you’re gonna make up a story in your head, why not make it a bestseller! Stop self-sabotaging and start taking control by reprogramming your thoughts and creating the life of your dreams. . .


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