Letting Go of Friendships

Is it time to re-evaluate your circle?

You cannot change the people around you, but you can change the people you choose to be around. On the playground, we learned to establish friendships based on similar interests and personalities, and at times there was just a certain quality about a person that you admired.
As we mature and our journeys take us on varied paths, people come in and out of our lives. Other times we have friendships that stand the test of time and our bestie may very well be that same someone we shared our lunch treats with within the school cafeteria.
Who we choose to surround ourselves with is said to play a large role in who we become. Regardless of our strength and resolve as an individual, we are not immune to the negative effects of energy vampires, gossipers, or other negative personalities.
We’ve all heard the term, “You are the company you keep.” Who do you keep in your circle? How do they make you feel? Are they uplifting and inspiring, positive, kind, and honest? Do they encourage you to dream and grow?

A 20-year study at Harvard University showed that our physical health is determined more by our relationships than the food we eat, the exercise program we’re on, or the genes we’ve inherited. If you want to have greatness in your life, surround yourself with great people. If you strive to be an empowered, happy, fulfilled, and confident person, surround yourself with people who are the same. You owe it to yourself to look at your friendships very carefully and be willing to let go of what no longer benefits your wellbeing. It is not selfish to no longer allow harmful influences in your space. Once you allow a negative force to permeate your life, you only hurt yourself.
Be relentless when it comes to choosing your tribe. Select those who have your back and bring out the best version of you. Be ruthless with protecting your magic and fierce with guarding your greatness. 


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