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Embrace Healthy Living with Becca Tebon

Edutainment is the name of Becca Tebon’s game. At 58, she is shining brighter than ever before – and sharing the secrets of her success for living well with her friends, family and clients.

Teaching healthy living practices and guiding women to become advocates for themselves is Becca Tebon’s true passion, one that she discovered through an unfortunate series of events.

Turning Adversity into Advantage

Back in the ‘70s, her experience as a child with scoliosis was the spark that first set her on her fitness path. Armed with a series of strengthening exercises from her doctor, young Becca learned to do push-ups, sit-ups and squats to fortify her core.

“Looking back, my story is one of adversity that turned into an advantage,” admits Becca. Born with three congenital health issues, she has been taking medication to control her condition since birth and missed 20 percent of her childhood school years due to her ill health.

But the struggle didn’t end there. Shortly before her thirteenth birthday, doctors removed a massive tumor from her left breast. It was the start of her education on healthy eating and supplementation in the hope that she could better manage her conditions and hopefully prevent future issues.

Inspiring Personal Change

For nearly four decades, Becca has been a cheerleader for the benefits that eating clean and moving your body can provide. In fact, it was what put her through college, when she worked as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer to help pay her tuition.

“I was lucky enough to have a gym owner sponsor my certifications and I eventually ran their aerobic program,” remembers Becca. From that point, she was hooked, and physical activity has been a mainstay in her life and career ever since. She became a certified holistic health coach, and four years ago she adopted a plant-based lifestyle.

“I feel like I am at the highest peak of my journey,” enthuses Becca. “At age 58, I feel stronger and more energized than I did in my thirties.”

Finding New Challenges for Living Well

She’s proven this devotion to healthy living on the bodybuilding stage. At age 49, she dusted off her bikini and pumps, practiced her poses and committed to the rigorous training that stage athletes are known for.

“I decided to get back into the world of bodybuilding to boost my personal confidence,” she says. “Heck, I thought that if I could get in front of people with just a bikini on, I would feel confident in anything I did.” Though she was a single mom, she carved out the time, sometimes training twice per day to reach her goal. She gives kudos to her clients for encouraging her to push through and see it to the competition, where she shone brightly, just as expected.

Putting Words into Action

living wellNow through her business, DIVA mentality, Becca has created a community where people feel safe and can build their confidence in a supportive environment.

“The DIVAs are trained to receive and create the life they desire, all while working out 17 minutes per day,” explains Becca. “I educate people to live healthy by making small, incremental choices that create healthy habits.” She and her clients achieve this through morning rituals and plant-based food choices, in addition to the DIVA workouts that utilize her PowHERbands. (“DIVA” stands for dedicated to our decision; innovative and inviting; victory; always be accountable; and support and share with the sisterhood.)

“It’s an incredible system that welcomes women from the comfort of their homes to feel great about themselves,” she says. “Whether 200 pounds overweight and having never worked out or a weekend warrior, the system was built to meet each DIVA at her skill level, doing only 40 seconds for each exercise.”

Never Feeling Deprived

Despite her dedication to health and fitness, don’t think that Becca is all business and no play. When it comes to letting loose, she loves to indulge in champagne – and the occasional chocolate bar – but uses any deviation from her regular workout schedule and diet as an opportunity to challenge herself as she gets back on track.

Becca gives credit to her inner circle for keeping her on track and feeling positive: her brothers, sister-in-law Robyn, close friend Mindi, and Beth and Barbara, two dear friends and clients who Becca says have been instrumental in helping her scale her fitness business. But that’s not all.

“Who would I be today without my three incredible daughters, Dori, Chloe, and Sage?” she says. “They are my biggest supporters and teachers – I am so blessed!”

Becca At a Glance

Best Health Advice


Favourite Daily Practice
I started putting a sticky note on my phone at night to remind myself to do my G.I.A.A. – gratitude, intention, affirmation, and action practice – first thing in the morning.

What Success Means to Me
I think I feel successful when women say I saved them during COVID and that they get that what I do is way beyond sculpting a strong body.


rachel debling

By : Rachel Debling

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