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Choose Your Grain Wisely

A staple for more than half the world’s population, rice is one of the oldest cereal grains. Many of us grew up with white rice, but other varieties have become much more popular in recent years. When it comes to nutrition, which type should we be scooping into our power bowls though?

CALORIES 130 | CARBS 28.7*Go with the Grain


Starch composes 87 percent of the calories of white rice. Some types of white rice may cause blood sugar to spike, which means diabetics, in particular, should steer clear of them. Often enriched with vitamins like folate, upping its nutritional punch.

Go with the Grain



Despite its name and appearance, wild rice is, in fact, not rice. Rather, it is the seed of an aquatic grass, which has been a staple of Native Americans for centuries. Contains more protein than the other two varieties.



CALORIES 111 | CARBS 23*Go with the Grain


As a whole grain, brown rice boasts more health benefits than white rice. Since it contains bran and germ, brown rice contains more vitamins and minerals than white rice, as well as 1.8 grams of fiber compared to 0.4 grams. Studies show it may help prevent a decline in cognitive health, such as the development of Alzheimer’s disease...

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