Family Woman

Christine Bezzant’s cup runs over (and then some) thanks to being a family woman and fitness


For Christine Bezzant, 55, family comes first, and fitness is a close second. The stay-at-home mother of six just saw her youngest start college and she’s now the designated babysitter for her grandkids. “My life literally has been dedicated to being a family woman. My husband traveled for business most of our marriage so it is safe to say that I raised my six children sometimes on my own,” she says.

Bouncing Back in Your 50’s

Like many women, her fitness journey started after she had her first child. Interestingly, with each child, her workout passions would change. “I used to run all the time in my 30s and 40s and due to knee injury and then arthritis in my knees, I was told never to run again. I was devastated and thought my fitness journey was over,” she says. Her passion now in her 50s is weightlifting. And she also added posting fitness videos to Instagram in the last decade. “I started making fitness videos in 2014 for Instagram because I wanted other mothers to see that anything can be done to keep fitness up with minimal equipment,” says Bezzant.

Christine Bezzant , family womanWith several decades of working out, Bezzant has learned through experience. She believes you should find many ways to work your body. “Sticking to only one form of exercise is not necessarily good or healthy for your joints. Be well-rounded,” she says. “And it is okay to not be skinny. Eat enough protein to build healthy muscle. Don’t step on the scale every day–it is not worth the negative thoughts. Muscles are heavier and sexier. Your self-worth is not tied up in a scale.”

Family Woman First

With her family-first approach, it comes as no surprise that her definition of success involves seeing those around her as happy, well-adjusted adults. “I taught all my children to be healthy but also to enjoy and find their own passion through their own fitness journey,” she says. Watching her four kids marry the loves of their lives and witnessing her daughters and daughter-in-law bear their own children are some of the happiest moments she has ever experienced. “It’s the most amazing club to belong to,” she says.

Christine BezzantAs such a family woman, it seems obvious who Bezzant would most admire: her own mother. “I admire my mother who raised nine children and held down two jobs. She taught piano to 50 students and had six daycare students,” she says. “Her patience is remarkable. Something I still strive to have to this day. I am always in awe of her.”

She’s most proud of the life she’s created with her husband. “We are finally at a point where we can sit back and really enjoy the fruits of our labours.” Much of that time will be spent with her family. “There are a lot of us, and I can’t help but feel completely in awe of my crew. She humbly acknowledges that years of hard work went into providing a loving home and atmosphere, and seeing them replicate the same in their own homes fills her with gratitude and pride.

Focus on Health and Fitness

Being able to truly enjoy the fruits of their labour and time as a family in her mid-fifties is thanks to her focus on health and fitness, which has long been a core value of hers. “I actually feel most like myself when I am in the gym,” says Bezzant. “I am finding that I can do things I never thought possible. The other day I busted out pull-ups on my own. I have never done that before on my own,” she says.

Plus, her love of fitness is evident in her wardrobe, too. “I love fitness outfits and putting together funky combinations of cool clothes that set me apart from other women. I definitely have a love of all things leggings and bra tops!” she confesses. And it comes as no surprise that her favourite time of day is first thing in the morning when she is on her way to the gym. “I always know I will leave with happy endorphins,” she says.

Happy endorphins and all, Bezzant’s cup is full. “My dream life is anywhere my loved ones are,” she says. In the future, she’d love to help other women reach their fitness potential as a mentor, but for right now, Colorado is my dream life, she says.

Photos by James Patrick


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