If we have as good an outlook on life as Cheryl Amy does at 60, well, the world would be a much happier, healthier place.


When I was 14, I started running in a club at school because a cute guy was also a runner. I continued to run for fitness until I retired from rugby at the age of 42. More recently, I decided to pay stronger attention to my fitness after a diagnosis of osteopenia and in preparation for my sixtieth birthday.


My sport of choice has always been weight training. When I retired from teaching, I started doing yoga and I now believe it needs to be included everyone’s regimen. Yoga increases your range of motion for weight training while improving posture and quality of life. I believe that many current health issues can be traced back to improper sitting and standing.


Our understanding of diet and fitness is constantly improving. I went through the LSD (long slow distance) craze for cardio. Then there was aerobics, and then low-fat and low-carb diets. More recently I have discovered the benefits of boot camp and high-intensity interval training to burn fat and increase cardiovascular fitness. These days, I find my weight is more consistent if I am mindful of the amount of sugar I am eating and if I focus on whole, real foods and include some healthy fats. Closing the kitchen at 7 p.m. is also a big help.


My recent improvement in overall fitness came about because I had a weekly weigh-in at the studio of my trainer (Mary Dinner). I think the external accountability made the difference. As my body began to change, the encouragement of my husband, parents, and friends really helped!


I define success as achieving personal goals and remembering to celebrate each goal as it is achieved. Too often people jump toward the next goal without acknowledging each achievement.


I have two main points I believe in with regards to working out. First, you must know your “why”. Have you chosen your fit lifestyle to look better or to be healthier? Drawing on that “why” whenever you don’t feel like exercising will help keep you on track. Second, it doesn’t take a lot of time, but it does take some time every day. When friends tell me I work hard, I always state that it is a choice I make every day – and I really like feeling strong!

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