Ball Cardio & Strength

The 20-Minute Total-Body Ball Cardio and Strength Workout

Grab any ball―big, small, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, beach ball, and for the super fit a medicine ball―for this super-fun workout that all levels of fitness can do! thrusts make this a very effective workout when you are short on time.

How the total-body ball workout is done:

  • Each exercise has eight reps.
  • Start with exercise 1 and perform eight reps, then repeat exercise 1 again for eight reps then add on eight reps of exercise 2.
  • Continue to go back through the exercises, always performing eight reps of each exercise as you add another exercise to the routine until you’ve done all eight exercises. Once you’ve done the last exercise, repeat the entire routine one time in reverse.
  • Total reps equal 432.

1.    Reach and tap: Place a ball in your hand and press it up above your head, then bring it back down in a squat position to touch the floor. The ball must tap the floor on every rep.

Body Ball Cardio step 1 - Body Ball Cardio

Body Ball Cardio step 2 - Body Ball Cardio

2.    Reverse lunge: Step back into a reverse lunge with your right leg and perform eight stationary lunges. To advance you can do eight repeater lunges. Switch to your left leg and choose stationary or repeater lunges. Place a ball at chest height and lift it with straight arms above your head as your knee lowers toward the floor. Return the ball back to chest level as your knee extends to the start position.

Reverse Lungs step 1 - Body Ball Cardio

Reverse Lungs step 1 - Body Ball Cardio

3.    Push-up: Place a ball on the floor and balance on top of it with a choice of the ball under your feet, shins, knees, or upper thighs. The placement of the ball will determine the intensity of the exercise. The closer the ball is to your feet the more challenging the exercise. Beginners should place it under their upper thighs. Place your hands directly under your shoulders and lower your chest toward the floor. Keep your body tight and straight as you move up and down in your push-ups.

Push-up step 1 - Body Ball Cardio

Push-up step 2

4.    Plank: Hold a plank position for eight seconds.

Plank step 1 - Body Ball Cardio

5.    Hip thrust: Turn onto your back and place your feet on top of a ball with your knees bent close to your buttocks. Press your feet into the ball and lift your glutes into a high bridge position. Squeeze and hold your buttocks high and hard for three counts, then release the contraction and tap your buttocks to the floor. Repeat. If this move is too challenging place the ball up against a wall to help stabilize it.

Hip thrust step 1 - Body Ball Cardio

Hip thrust step 2

6.    Hip thrust with inner-thigh squeeze: Place a ball between your knees and lift your buttocks high. Squeeze your legs together, pressing and pulsing three times. Continue to squeeze the ball as you tap your buttocks back down to the floor. Lift and repeat.

Hip thrust with inner-thigh squeeze step 1 - Body Ball Cardio

Hip thrust with inner-thigh squeeze step 2

7.    Lower abs straight leg-lifts: Place a ball between your knees, calves, or ankles―the further away the ball is held with your lower body the more challenging the exercise will be. Lie down with your arms and legs straight above you. With control, open your legs and arms away from each other as you touch the floor.

Try to keep your legs straight by squeezing the ball and your upper thighs as you simultaneously lower your legs and arms over your head. If too challenging, do this exercise with bent knees. Lower your legs in a controlled tempo as you continue to squeeze the ball tight. Tap the floor and lift your legs and arms to meet in the center and tap the ball with your hands.

Lower abs straight leg-lifts step 1

Lower abs straight leg-lifts step 2

8.    Ball-pass abs: Start in the same position as exercise 7 but instead of tapping the ball with your hands, grasp the ball and lower it overhead as you control straight legs to floor. To modify, bend your knees and tap the floor. The longer your arm and leg position the more intense the exercise.

Ball-pass abs step 1 - Body Ball Cardio

Ball-pass abs step 2 - Body Ball Cardio

Ball-pass abs step 3 - Body Ball Cardio

Ball-pass abs step 4 - Body Ball Cardio

PHOTOS BY CHRIS V. LINTON  Follow @chrisvlinton

By : Rosalie Brown

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