A Fresh Start

The time is now to make some changes.

The warm summer days shorten and cool, and the leaves ramp up for their annual magnificent fashion show. The familiar signs are all around us. We pull out our favourite warm sweaters and sip on fresh apple cider. The falling leaves invite us to get outside, go for a stroll, and breathe in the crisp autumn air. A new season is upon us!

Although we have the ability to make a change at any time, big or small — whether they be new goals for relationships, career, personal development, health, plans to travel more, move to a different location, start a new fitness routine, upscale/downsize your living space, take an art class, commit to daily meditation, or finally learn to play the piano — there’s something about a change in season that seems to spur a progression in the direction of new beginnings.

Our brains through our routines become hardwired to what we are used to. We often go through our days unconsciously and robotically repeating behaviour and thought patterns that aren’t always beneficial to us, neglecting to find joy in our moments and speeding through our days. Days turn into years and sometimes decades pass, and we finally wake up to ask ourselves, “Is this all there is?” 

I challenge you to take the time for yourself. Really dig deep into your beautiful self and ask yourself, firstly, what are you grateful for and, secondly, what would bring you more joy in your life. And then move in that direction daily. Make baby steps (or big steps!), but just keep moving towards the things that make you feel alive.

We only have one of these runs here on this glorious planet. Fresh starts are for any time, but you owe it to yourself to make one now. Find your bliss and go there often, my friends...

By : Francisca Dennis

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