8 Things we love about Tracy Moore

The Inspiring Journey of a Beloved TV Host and Positive Role Model, Tracy Moore

Ask people about CityLine host Tracy Moore and you’ll get the same answer. “I love Tracy!” It doesn’t matter if it’s an avid viewer of the show or someone in media, they’ll tell you that this 43-year-old mom of two and the host of the lifestyle television show for the past 10 years is just awesome. And D’FYNE agrees. So why the girl crush?

Tracy Moore 11 Tracy Moore isn’t afraid to admit when she doesn’t know something.

“Don’t be afraid to look stupid,” is a sort of motto for Tracy. Years ago, when she was an intern and starting in the business, she admitted to feeling incredibly mediocre in the daunting newsroom and feeling afraid to ask questions. “But a girlfriend took me aside and said, ‘You should know nothing. You are there to learn, and if you do not ask questions, no one will ever know your name and you will not learn.’ That has guided me to this day,” says Tracy. “I’m not afraid to fail on air. I am often surrounded by people who know more than me and so I’m not afraid to show I don’t know something.”

Tracy Moore2 Tracy Moore volunteers her time to causes she is passionate about.

With two kids, a demanding career, and an admirable workout regimen, Tracy still carves out time to give to organizations she is passionate about. “Trust 15 is run by an incredible woman named Marcia Brown,” says Tracy. Brown created this youth community support organization for kids in the Rexdale and North Etobicoke region. Tracy goes in to talk about her journey and life, to read to the kids, and each year she takes 85 of the students to Canada’s Wonderland. “I would do anything for this organization. I host their annual event, and I try to help Marcia in any way she needs because she is making real change at a grassroots level.”

Tracy is also involved with the Children’s Aid Foundation. This particular cause is one she is touched by personally, thanks to her husband’s rough childhood. “Kids are so defenseless, and it’s the saddest thing because these children didn’t ask for any of it. Children’s Aid Foundation does such amazing work helping kids thrive and do incredible things.” Tracy hosts their annual recognition event and helps to raise awareness for the non-profit in any way she can lend her voice.

3 Being positive is her natural state of mind.

“When I get to another place with my feelings, that is more foreign to me than feeling happy is.” She credits her parents with her positive outlook. “You have to be intentional when it comes to being positive, and my mom and dad are very positive people. They came with no money from Jamaica and faced every barrier: poverty, race, no transportation, and no people to lean on, and they did it all feeling extremely lucky to have landed in this country with the goal of raising two happy, healthy kids,” she shares. “When you’re raised around that, it’s palpable.”

Tracy Moore4 Tracy Moore is able to roll with things and adapt.

Coming from a news reporting background, switching gears to hosting lifestyle television brought with it an unanticipated change for Tracy from a personal development standpoint. “When you work in the lifestyle sphere, people are interested in you; they’re not just interested in the story. I had to start taking responsibility for everything I was giving out to people and being comfortable with that. People now wanted to know about me, my husband and my kids, how we live life, and our likes and dislikes.

That takes being unselfconscious about it, and you have to be okay with that.” It comes down to the viewers respecting you, and Tracy says she does not take them for granted, so what they will get from her is positivity and authenticity. “I don’t have any other gears; you’re getting who I am.”

5 Tracy Moore has a great sense of style.

Ladies, if you are obsessed with her clothing line Tracy Moore Design by Freda’s, you have Tracy’s husband, Lio, to thank. He was the one who initially nudged her to develop a line. “My husband, my cheerleader/momager,” she laughs. “He said, ‘You’re on this platform, wearing someone else’s clothing every day.’ And no matter what we talk about on the show, it can be deeply moving, but people still want to know where my top is from,” she says. About four years ago, she started talking with Freda’s and eventually, they partnered on Tracy Moore Design by Freda’s, which is sold on Today’s Shopping Choice. Tracy describes it as a collection for the active woman, with pieces that cover all areas of her life, from dates with girlfriends or her husband or partner, picking up the kids from basketball to being a working woman. Three pieces that are always staples in Tracy’s closet: pencil skirts, high-waisted pants, and jumpsuits.

Tracy Moore6 Tracy Moore lives in the moment.

One motto she lives by and that she’s taken to heart thanks to her mom is: “This too shall pass.” But Tracy sees it not just as a way to get through tough times. “Sometimes life is perfect and it’s as good as it’s ever going to get, but it will pass. So you have to be in the moment and love that moment of goodness because it’s not going to be here forever.”



Tracy Moore7 Working out is an essential part of her life.

Exercise has long been an interest of Tracy’s. She was a track-and-field athlete in elementary and high school, and she recalls getting up at 6 a.m. to do the 20-Minute Workout in her living room growing up. “I never have to convince myself to do a workout. If I do, then I’m not doing it, and it’s no big deal because I train all the time so it’s not a huge issue to take a day or two off,” she says.

“I love the feeling I get from training. It always delivers — it doesn’t matter what mood I am going in, I always come out feeling better. As a woman and a mother, I like knowing I can carry my kids up the stairs, that I can get all of the groceries in the house, or move large furniture on my own. I like that my body can perform these tasks without a lot of fuss.”

8 Tracy Moore makes practising self-care a priority.

“I am militant about self-care,” Tracy states in very matter-of-fact fashion. “And I am militant about working out,” she adds, noting that she knows some people may think she’s being selfish by ducking out of the house early to work out, with her husband needing to rearrange things so she can exercise, or leaving work to meet her trainer. “But my training is as important as anything else in my life, and that’s what allows me to go home and be a good mom, a good wife, and a good host. All of these things depend on self-care, in terms of training, meditation, going to sleep super early, pounding back a ton of water, and the positive messages I feed myself often.”

Photos by Chris V. Linton (@chrisvlinton)
Makeup by Janine Holmes of I Do Beauty Co. (@IdoBeautyCo)
Hair by Janet Jackson, Celebrity Stylist, JouJou Hair Studio (@janetjacksonhairstylist)
Clothing courtesy of Tracy Moore Design by Freda’s (dress) (@tracymoorexfredas) ; New Balance (fitness apparel)(@newbalancewomen); Skechers (running shoes)(@skechers.canada)

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